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Heeler Portable Corral

Designed with the effective animal science that ranchers have come to love, and the ease of use that only Arrowquip can provide, the Heeler takes cattle flow, safety, and functionality with a portable corral to the next level.

When designing the Heeler, the Arrowquip Innovations Team kept optimal cattle flow at the forefront of the design, creating a portable corral that provides ranchers with a simple, reliable system. Featuring an exclusive 18' double alley that quickly converts to a single alley and cattle-free zone with a locking swing gate, and four spring-loaded man gates on the outer panels for strategic access to the two pens with approximately 2,620 square feet of space, you can work at a new level of efficiency.

With room to carry extra panels and an added hitch for towing, you can haul your entire system in one go. The Heeler is a portable corral system unlike any other.

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