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Linn Post & Pipe

Wrangler Corral

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Linn Post & Pipe has been building the best in cattle & livestock equipment as well as continuous fencing for over 43 years. Our company started with continuous fencing and has added great livestock equipment over the years.  The Wrangler Portable Corral, for example, is the best in corrals with multiple configurations and options.

If you're looking for the best value for your operation choose Linn Post & Pipe. Our equipment is built to last generations!

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Heeler Corral

Arrowquip has been creating best in class livestock equipment since 1988 through an extensive research and development process that is unmatched in the cattle industry. We employ the only team of engineers specifically dedicated to cattle handling, and are constantly improving our equipment to adhere the latest recommendations from key researchers and cattle handling experts to make ranching families safe.

Every piece of equipment we design is intended to make managing your cattle faster, easier, and safer every step of the way

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Titan West

OK Corral

Founded in the 1960's, Titan West, Inc has been manufacturing livestock handling equipment for over 50 years. They are proud of our owners, their accomplishments and ethics, as well as their desire to produce quality products. They are committed to our slogan, "We build the best and set the standard for the rest."

Portable Corrals


Arrowquip Heeler Corral

The Arrowquip Heeler - the cutting-edge portable corral system that ranchers have been waiting for.

Built with high-quality construction that you can rely on, the Heeler is the solution for every cattle rancher searching for a portable corral that is big enough, tough enough, and designed to work with them and their livestock - not against them.


Linn Post and Pipe Wrangler Corral

The Wrangler Portable Corral is the most versatile portable corral system available. Whether you want to catch and load out large groups of cattle or work them right where they are the Wrangler has all the features you will need. With 3 sizes to choose from you’ll be able to match the right corral and options to fit your unique operation’s needs.


Titan West OK Corral

The most versatile, portable corral system on the market, the O.K. Corral is a single unit that eliminates the need for transporting and setting up individual panels. An affordable Corral that you can take with you and set up literally anywhere! It can carry up to ten 10' or 12' panels with an optional 5' walk-thru gates.

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