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We Deliver Locally!

We are proud to offer free delivery across parts of Oregon, Idaho and Washington. 

wood posts and rails

Wood Post and Rails

We carry a wide array of Wood Post sizes as well as 16ft Rails.

Gates and Panels
Gates and Panels

Gates and Panels

We stock a variety of panels and gates from various manufacturers such as 2W, Powder River, Behlen Country, Hutchinson Western and Hiqual. 

Cont. Fence & Pipe

Continuous Fence and Drill Stem Pipe

We stock a variety of continuous fence panels from 4 bar to 7 bar in various gauges. We also stock 31.5"  Drill Stem Pipe in 2 3/8" and 2 7/8" gauges.

Steel Posts
steel t posts

Steel Posts

We stock a variety of 1.33 steel posts from sizes 5.5ft to 10ft. 

Wire Fence

Wire Fence Products

We have many wire fence options ranging from poultry netting and non climb to barbed and barb-less wire from a variety of producers including RedBrand. 

Electric Fence

Electric Fence Products

We carry a wide variety of electric fencing supplies from a multitude of brands such as Gallagher, Eagle, Bekaert, Redbrand, Speedrite, Parmak and Patriot.

Stay Tuff
Stay Tuff Affixing

Stay Tuff Affixing

Post clipping has never been so easy! Check out Stay Tuff Affixing products to learn how to make your fencing more efficient than ever before!

Post Drivers

Rhino Post Drivers

Work smarter not harder with Rhino gas Powdered Post Drivers!


Stockade Stapler

The ST400i is the worlds first 4mm diameter / 9 Gauge cordless fencing stapler that makes fencing faster, easier and safer for all Fencers!

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