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Moly Manufacturing Silencer Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

#1 Safety is Priority

Moly's first priority is safety. All of our products are master engineered with safety in mind.

#2 Remote Controlled

Moly's TurretGate is remote controlled to allow for less labor, increased safety, and less effort.

#3 Individual Components to Fit Your Existing Facility

Moly's products are modular pieces and can be purchased individually to fit your current facility. Moly's SILENCER Squeeze Chute is built to order with over 1 billion different combinations available!

#4 Patented Noise Reduction System

Moly has over-engineered their products to incorporate a Noise Reduction System that helps keep cattle calm and you safe. IT'S FACT:  Brand "X" Chutes in Operation Noise Level Registers 100 Decibels.  SILENCER Chutes in Operation Registers ONLY 89 Decibels.  A variance in measured sound of 1 Decibel = An Increase in Loudness of About 20%


Moly Manufacturing Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

Moly Manufacturing’s SILENCER hydraulic squeeze chute is the Industry Standard for healthy and happy animals. SILENCER's outstanding equipment design and superior construction gets the work done faster, quieter, and more efficiently with less animal and operator stress.

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