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Arch Gate

Arched entry panels are constructed to match with our Western Corral Panels. Made with 1 3/4" 16 gauge high tensile steel tubing in 10' or 12' lengths. The Arch is 84 inches tall and welded into panel construction. Powder coated HW Brand Green or Red. Other colors available upon request.

Available: 6ft Gate


Western Corral Panel

Western Corral Panels are 60" tall with 6 horizontal rails. These loop legged panels are portable and ideal for penning calves, show cattle, and horse runs and arenas. Choice of HW Brand powder coated green, red, gray, or tan.

6 bar construction with Z-bar verticals and drop pin coupling feature
Hinge loops are 12 gauge
Drop pin is 5/8" solid rod
Chain fastens drop pin to panel.

Available: 12ft & 16ft

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