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Stay Tuff Affixing

Fence Affixing

Stay Tuff Drill Chuck cut out.png

The fence post clip is placed around the fence fabric and the steel fence post. The two tails of the clips are then inserted into the drill chuck. The chuck then twists the tails tightly to the steel fence post

Stay Tuff TPost Clip cut out.png

Stay-Tuff t-post clips are made of class 3 galvanized 11 gauge steel wire and are shaped to fit common t-post weights: 1.25, 1.33, and 1.5 lbs/ft. T-post clips are sold in buckets of 600 clips.

To install, slide around the post and over fence wire, pinch the two wire tails of the clip together and push them into the LC-580 chuck. Pull and hold down the trigger of the drill to tighten clip, drill will spin free when clip is tightened.

Stay Tuff Pipe Clip cut out.png

The clip is slid around the post and fence wire and then the tails of the clips are put into the LC-580 chuck. The drill then twists the wire very tightly around the post.

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