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Souix Steel Equipment

/HiQual Equipment

"At Sioux Steel Company, we pride ourselves on our superior reputation for integrity, honesty, and the highest-quality products. We look forward to another century of providing exceptional value in every product we manufacture. Our mission is not only to satisfy our customers, but we want them to be delighted to do business with us. Whether your order for Sioux products is large or small, frequent or occasional, we feel a definite obligation to provide you with high-quality products and outstanding service."


Sioux Steel Portable Chute

The Sioux Steel Portable Loading Chute makes loading animals onto a truck or trailer quick & easy.

Available in 12' and 16".


HiQual Tombstone Bull Feeder

HiQual's Bull Feeder incorporates the Tombstone Saver design with wider spacing between the hoops to accommodate the larger necks of mature bulls.


HiQual Tombstone Hay Saver

Patented by HiQual in 1992 the Tombstone Saver represents a revolution in feeder engineering.


Sioux Steel Panel Cart

Easily transport corral panels or gates to your pastures with this Sioux Steel panel/gate cart.


HiQual Calving Pen

The HiQual Classic Calving Pen provides a safe environment for the animal and operator throughout the calving process.

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