Chicken Feed

Purina Flock Raiser Crumble

Purina® Flock Raiser® Crumbles provide optimum nutrition for healthy mixed poultry flocks.

Purina Meat Bird Crumbles

Purina® Meat Bird Poultry Feed is fortified with all of the nutrients required to provide for uniform growth, proper muscle development and top overall health.

Purina Start Grow- Medicated

Purina® Start & Grow® Medicated provides optimum nutrition for raising laying chicks.

Purina Start Grow- Non-Medicated

With Purina® Start & Grow® Non-Medicated crumbles strong chicks equal healthy hens.

Purina Scratch Grains

Purina® Scratch Grains are a blend of high-quality grains to complement complete feeds and encourage natural pecking foraging and feeding instincts.

Purina Home Grown Layer Pellet/Crumble

Purina® Home Grown® Layer Pellets or Crumbles provide complete, consistent nutrition for laying hens.

Purina Premium Layena Pellets

Purina® Layena® Pellets provide all 38 nutrients hens need.

Purina Premium Layena Crumble

Purina® Layena® Crumbles provide all 38 nutrients hens need.


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