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Arrowquip Budflow Crowd Tub

The Budflow Tub with the 3E System is a new and improved version of the Bud Box. If you have ever owned a Bud Box in the past, you know that it requires the handler to be inside the box to lead cattle into the alley system. With the 3E Budflow Tub design, cattle instinctively turn around and approach the alley willingly by seeing more light through the low-sheeted panels. When working livestock through a chute-ended system, you can use the 3E Budflow Tub to apply the start-stop method easily.

How 3E BudFlow Works:
- Cattle enter the 3E Budflow Tub by seeing light through the 3E panels, and you close the entry gate behind them
- Cattle naturally turn back to where they entered
- Cattle approach the open access to the alley
- Cattle move easily into the alley with no force
- If a cow hesitates to exit the tub, the next one can take charge and continue flow

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