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Wire Fence Products


HW Brand Barbed

Barbed wire is available in 2 or 4-point barbs in round or flat styles with 4", or 5" barb spacing in a selection of wire gauges and galvanizing grades. Reverse twist wire keeps barbs firmly in place. Certified ASTM Class 1.


RedBrand Barbed

Red Brand® Barbed Wire is made of 12 1/2 gauge galvanized steel to endure the tests of time and weather. Defender® - 2 point with 4" spacing or Ruthless® - 4 point with 5" spacing. Class 1 galvanized construction.


RedBrand Non Climb

RedBrand Non Climb Fence has 2" x 4" mesh spacing that prevents stepping through, walking down or getting over the fence. The
smooth side of Square Deal¨ knot prevents injury to animals in addition to the strong mesh design which also minimizes potential for injury by flexing on impact.
A class I galvanized wire, it resists weathering as well as wear and tear. It is easy to install on flat or hilly terrain.

Made in the United States with 100% American steel


RedBrand Field Fence

Protect your investment with our most reliable confinement for cattle, hogs, horses and other large animals.
Able to withstand the demands of corralling large animal herds.Fencing that is ideal for all-terrains, as well as corrals and pastures.Special wire crimps withstand even the most severe weather by allowing the fence to expand and contract. Class I galvanized wire resists weathering as well as wear and tear. Made in the United States with 100% American steel.


Red Brand Barbless 12.5

RedBrand® Barbless wire is manufactured in the same manner as barbed with two strands of wire in a continuous twist, but minus the barbs. Smooth, galvanized double-strand barbless wire can be electrified when security fencing is required.

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