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135 Open Sweep Tub

This rugged, completely reversible crowding system includes a 135 degree sweep and is ideal for use as part of a permanent installation or as part of a portable working corral. It provides a durable and affordable crowding system that helps reduce the labor needed for working cattle. By pivoting our 10’ wide sweeping bow gate at the inside corner of the alley entrance, livestock flow is improved by eliminating corners that are found in other sweep systems. This system is built with Premier Panels, our number one selling cattle panel, constructed from our patented Quadraform™ tubing to allow for maximum strength and flexibility. Each panel features single piece vertical stays fitted through drilled rails to further increase the structural integrity. Sturdy pin connectors are used to assemble the sweep tub components. The alley frame is designed to pin to your alley panels, allowing for either a fixed or adjustable alley. The Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish will add years of life to your investment.

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